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McArdle's Florist - Greenwich, CT

Bloomfield High School

Vice President  

Past Presidents

Lee Mcmillan

Hi I'm Flora, CFA's resident floral expert!

I'm here to answer all your question about

CFA,  flowers,  design or anything floral related! 

But, if you just want to share your opinion or

offer suggestions, I'm here to listen.  

Come on, get typing!


Montville Florist- Uncasville, CT

​1973-1974    Albert Sandelli
1975-1976    Phillips Brown Sr.
1977-1978    William Brown AAF
1979-1980    Robert Judd
1981-1982    Ronald Kogut
1983-1984    Laurette Swingen AAF
1985-1986    Malcolm Graham
1987-1988    Kenneth O’Connor Jr.
1989-1990    Bunnie Hovan AAF AIFD
1991-1992    James Brody
1992-1993    Tom Wirth
1993-1996    Rosemary Agostinucci AIFD
1997-1998    Bob Sabia, AIFD
1999-2000    Jon Hinman
2001-2002    Andrew Caporossi
2003-2004    Sylvia Nichols AIFD
2005-2006    Bob Sabia AIFD
2006-2010    John Tornatore
2011-2012    Rosemary Agostinucci AIFD
2012-2015    Cathie Guiffrida  

2015 -Pres.   Leah Van Ness


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 the difference


The purpose of the Connecticut Florists Association is to support the Connecticut florists &

the floral industry through education, consumer information, business networking and related opportunities in order to strengthen the industry and contribute to the local economy

The Connecticut Florists Association, founded in 1933 is a professional trade association for all branches of the floral industry including retailers, wholesalers, growers, manufacturers of floral products and supplies, brokers, shippers, importers, and others who service the floral industry. The varied membership, bound together by common interests, also includes students, retired florists, university professors and researchers. CFA represents and serves the floral industry in Connecticut and has members in many other states.

Through a structure of actively functioning committees and a Board of Directors elected by the Membership, the Association develops and implements programs to help members grow and become distinguished professionals in the operation of their businesses. The Association leads, unifies and promotes the industry.

CFA, through its educational programs, provides members with new ways to solve management problems, helps them to improve their skills and motivates them to get things done through and motivates them to get things done through cooperative effort. Members also learn how to become more effective in government relations when issues arise that may have an effect on the floral industry. CFA provides its membership with a variety of services to help them save money and increase security through benefits for owners and employees, sponsorship of training programs, and updates on developing trends in this ever-changing industry.


Lynne Gaffney

Montville Florist- Montville, CT

Carly Anechiarico
Blossom Flower Shops- Yonkers, NY

April Soldi

Lagana Florist- Middletown, CT

Kaitlin Martin

Moscarillo's Garden Shoppe- West Hartford, CT

Sarah Milanese

Fall River Florist Supply- Fall River, MA

Michael Derouin AAF, AIFD, PFCI, CAFA

Judy Falcon


Leah Van Ness 


Board of Directors


1933              Louis Bradley
1935 & 46     W.WallaceThomson
1936-1937    Clemens Mortensen
1938-1939    Edward Nutile
1940-1941    Meyer Wilson
1942-1945    John Sullivan
1947-1948    William Dawson
1949-1950    Sidney Keser
1951-1952    Milton Ginter
1953-1954    R. Roy Thomson
1955-1956    John Racanello AAF
1957-1958    Joseph Meckel
1959-1960    Walter Ginter
1961-1962    Hiram Peck Jr.
1963-1964    Kenneth OConnorSr.
1965-1966    Edwin Johnson Jr.
1967-1968    John Byrnes
1969-1970    Raymond Dowling
1971-1972    Clark Smith


Est. 1933