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Being a florist is all about learning how to handle something unexpected. We never know when an order, a person or event is going to walk through our door and change the direction of our day. Our industry and our beloved Connecticut Florist Association are not immune to the same whims we deal with. 



What's next for CFA...

This past year, CFA has been guided under the leadership of Nicole Palazzo; Nicole has regretfully tendered her resignation to pursue opportunities in the floral industry on the west coast. I am sure we all send Nicole best wishes, and happy thoughts as she prepares to face the new challenges ahead of her. We insert who has stepped forward to fulfill the leadership rolls.   The executive board consists of: Leah Van Ness, CFA president, Michael Derouin, CFA vice president, Judy Falcon as Secretary, and Lee McMillan as Treasure. Other board members are: Sarah Milanese, Lynne Gaffney, April Soldi, Carly Anechiaro, and Kaitlin Martin.  To anyone interested, there some vacancies on the board, and we are looking for individuals dedicated to influencing the important decisions that face CFA. 

The CFA board wants to thank all those members who have continued to support us during this transitional time and to those who are interested in further influencing the course of the Connecticut Florists Association, the board is interested in meeting with you. 


As everyone is aware, the Connecticut Florists Association has been struggling these last years. The dwindling number of flower shops, the increasing demands from every day duties, flower shops doing more business with fewer employees, as well as the fundamental changes to the floral industry have impacted the CFA's relevance. This is moment when our members will decide on the trajectory of our beloved Association.

NEVER Looked So Good!



The Connecticut Florists Association, founded in 1933 is a professional trade association for all branches of the floral industry including retailers, wholesalers, growers, manufacturers of floral products and supplies, brokers, shippers, importers, and others who service the floral industry.

Currently, the committed CFA board of directors has decided to narrow our focus, and provide educational opportunities and experiences. Recognizing the need for CFA to reach beyond the borders of CT, we are discussing the benefits of regionalizing our organization to serve New England and New York. Additionally, a small committee has stepped forward to develop a CFA sanctioned certification program. It is our goal to provide regionally offered hands on classes, themed design shows and the return of our much loved NEFE.  We have planned an event for August 27th that will highlight the latest wedding trends by offering an intimate, intensive hands on workshop will provide an opportunity to work with some of the design leaders in the area, as well as practical experience working with latest props, and wedding bouquet styles.  The evening design show will feature the spectacular displays created during the hands on workshop. .