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Karen Lewandowski, former owner of K and P Flowers, has retired to South Carolina - and I am guessing due to her enormous love of flowers, she is will still be working with flowers around her yard, and in her home. Her devotion to her shop, our community and the Connecticut Floral Association is legendary. Karen is always the first person to call a shop, offer a sympathetic ear to listen, a strong shoulder to lean on or hands to help. She generously contributed countless hours planning and producing NEFE over the years as a chairperson in a variety of roles. Anyone walking through the convention would likely find Karen helping others in any way needed, and always did so with a smile. Karen, with her remarkable memory, was our go to source for flower names. We will miss making those calls.
Though they will be missed by the floral industry, we are so grateful to know they will both remain permanent fixtures in our lives.


On to the next chapter...

We are trying to think of a capacity that Gary Meehan hasn't mastered involving flowers, design, or anything else floral related. After attending the Hixson School of Floral Design in Ohio; Gary didn't just work in the industry - he lived it. Gary has worked in several local flower shops, was part of the Smithers Oasis design team, worked for area wholesalers and most importantly was a vital member of the Connecticut Floral Association Board of Directors, and most recently as executive Board Member serving as Secretary Treasurer. Gary was crucial to planning the North East Floral Expo for more than a decade, serving as business clinic chairperson, banquet chairperson, procurement chairperson, and NEFE co - chair. Gary's exit has left a large hole in our industry. While Gary has chosen to move forward with a different career, we are still hoping to see him at area events.


NEVER Looked So Good!



The Connecticut Florists Association, founded in 1933 is a professional trade association for all branches of the floral industry including retailers, wholesalers, growers, manufacturers of floral products and supplies, brokers, shippers, importers, and others who service the floral industry.

Though the years, the floral industry has brought so much into our lives. Mad skills, funny stories, and even funnier people. We are blessed. The floral industry has given us more than a community; it has given us a family that we hold close in our hearts. At the best of times, we share stories about our crazy adventures; and during the worst of times, we lean on the shoulders that are there waiting to support us. They are the reason after 3 decades in our beloved industry - we are still willing to give more, do more and risk more. While they will remain close to our hearts and a big part of our life - we must share with you that two members of the CFA have left our beloved industry. Gary Meehan and Karen Lewandowski have retired.